Fiji Industries Undergoes Name Change

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Fiji Industries Limited’s (being renamed to Pacific Cement Limited) facility in Lami where the company produces cement for local and export markets. Photo: RAMA

Fiji Industries Limited, a subsidiary of Fijian Holdings Limited Group, is being renamed to Pacific Cement Limited.

This follows and approval from the board and in hopes to better reflect what the company’s main business is which is cement production.

Acting general manager, Sonni Dutt, said the company has been in existence for the past 60 years, however, a lot of people do not associate the company with cement manufacturing.
“Fiji Industries has been there for so long – but if you ask the grassroots people what Fiji Industries does, they won’t know that we produce cement,” he said.
“We had to decide this because our brand is called Pacific Cement. So the Pacific Cement – the name itself must reflect this.

“Therefore we feel the new name will better reflect what we do.”
Fiji Industries Limited already had Pacific Cement brand on its cement bags.

Expansion into Pacific
The move also comes as the company plans expansion into the Pacific exports markets.
Mr Dutt said: “We are now eyeing the Pacific market. We were the only cement factory in the Pacific and so we decided to go with that name.”

The official launch date for the new name has not been yet confirmed however, the company is in a transition phase to the new name. It is rebranding and planning the launch in a big way.
It is in the process of changing the names on the billboards etc.
Mr Dutt confirmed there will be a major launch to mark the name change in Suva followed by another one in West and another one in the North.

To make the announcement in the export market, this will be done through a magazine they are trying to get out called Pacific Link.

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