We produce two types of Cement:

  1. General Purpose Portland Cement
  2. General Purpose Blended Cement

General Purpose Portland Cement is produced by inter-grinding Portland cement clinker with gypsum only. The Portland cement clinker and gypsum are of high quality and are accurately controlled. This method of production enables accurate control of cement properties and ensures product consistency.

Pacific Portland cement (GP) and Blended Cement (GB) complies with the standard physical and chemical requirements of Australian Standard AS 3972:2010 (click here to view QC certificates).

Pacific Cement Portland Cement is ideal for general use such as in concrete, concrete blocks, pavers and pipes, and mortars, grouts and other cement based materials.

General Purpose Blended Cement (AS 3972:2010, Type GB is made by adding higher proportions, typically 20-30%, of blast furnace slag, pozzolan and other supplementary cementations material to general purpose cement clinker.Blended Cement is ideal for general use in ready-mix concrete, concrete blocks and pavers, mortars, grouts and any other cement-based materials. Concrete made from General Purpose Blended Cement are stronger than ordinary Portland cement. It has increased resistance to sulphate attack, reduce alkali aggregate reaction, lower hydration temperature and last longer.

Packaging Options General

Purpose Blended Cement is available in bulk, in one-tonne bags, or packaged in 50kg paper and 40 kg paper bags (40kg for export).

Supply can be on FOB or CFR basis. Supply to most Pacific Islands occurs on a weekly basis. There is an option to have cement shrink-wrapped, palatalized and containerized.

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